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Le village provençal d'Aups dans le var

Travelling in the Verdon

The Provencal village of Aups in the Var

As the village saying goes, "Who comes to Aups, comes back. If you're not from Aups, you'll want to be. If you were born here, you'll never leave."

Aux alentours

Position in relation to the campsite

Just 15 minutes south of Le Clos de Barbey campsite, immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the village of Aups, the capital of the Haut-Var and of Provencal truffles, nestling at an altitude of 500 metres.


A brief history of the village of Aups

The origins of Aups ("Alpes" in Occitan) date back to the 6th century BC. The village was then located on the Saint-Marc plateau, on the Espiguières mountain. After successive domination by the Romans, Burgundians, Ostrogoths, Carolingians and Saracens, the population finally settled a little further down, at the foot of the summit.
It was during our era that the village came to the end of its multiple dominions, returning to the hands of the King of France alone. Despite this, Aups continued to be the site of conflicts that left their mark on its history: from the massacres during the Wars of Religion in the 16th century, through the tumult of the Revolution, to Bonaparte's coup d'état, the village also became an active centre of the Resistance during the Second World War.
These turbulent times have left their mark on the town in the monuments and remains scattered across its territory.

Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups

What to see in Aups

The old medieval village

Before taking a trip back to the Middle Ages, don't miss the diversions to the Collégiale Saint-Pancrace, built in the 15th century and listed as a historic monument.
For the best view of the remains of the 12th and 16th century ramparts, take a look at the Porte des Aires, the village's landmark.
Scientists and other astronomy enthusiasts will want to pay a visit to the clock tower, topped by its wrought-iron campanile, which houses a very precise sundial and a bell, symbolising the end of the reign shared by the Dukes of Blacas, a great historic family of the region, and the King of France.
When art and history meet, they do so at the Cistercian convent of the Ursulines. Built in the 10th and 11th centuries, then enlarged in the 17th century, its chapel now houses the Simon Ségal museum, dedicated to painting, which in turn houses the Resistance museum.

The circuit of fountains and wash-houses

Aups has no fewer than 17 fountains and 3 wash-houses, an unusual enough detail to warrant a visit.
A Marianne, facing the town hall and overlooking an imposing obelisk, will be the starting point for the fountain and wash-house tour at the Charles-de-Gaulle roundabout. A number of crossing fountains share the route with a number of back-to-back fountains, 3 of which were used as wash-houses. As you make your way along the route, you'll have the chance to wander through the typical narrow streets adorned with pink and ochre buildings that so delightfully reflect the light of the southern sun.

The Faykod Museum

Hungarian-born artist Maria de Faycod has created an open-air museum to display her sculptures in white Carrara marble. The works feature characters that are at once realistic and chimerical, sometimes mystical, which cohabit quite naturally with portraits of contemporary figures. The park is home to some fifty sculptures in a lush green setting, perfect for a stroll. The Musée de Faycod has unquestionably become a cultural landmark and tourist attraction in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region.

The truffle house

In the heart of the village, the walls of the former 17th-century Hospice Saint-Jacques have been home to the Maison de la truffe d'Aups et du Verdon since late November 2015. Immersed in the world of melanosporum, the "black diamond of Provence", visitors of all ages will discover the 4 experience worlds with complementary atmospheres and destinations:

  • L'Aventure de la truffe: a fun, interactive trail designed for the very young. Budding detectives can exercise their sleuthing skills in "La caverne de la truffe d'or", an escape game available by reservation only,
  • Discover truffles through your 5 senses and learn how to taste them,
  • Truffle tourism: suggestions for truffle-related activities and services,
  • The shop: a sales area dedicated to truffles and related products.

Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups

What to do in Aups


The village's proximity to the Gorges du Verdon gives you access to a wide range of sporting activities and walks through the Regional Nature Park.

Aups invites you to enjoy a variety of culinary delights in its restaurants, and to savour a piece of Provence as you stroll through the market.

The restaurants

Aups has around twenty restaurants, ranging from snack bars to gourmet restaurants and the inevitable pizzerias, so there's something to suit every budget.
And of course, truffles will be on show... here's a good deal: when you visit the Maison de la Truffe, you'll become the privileged guests of members of the "Réseau des Partenaires de la Maison de la Truffe d'Aups" label, where you can enjoy a €3 discount on any truffle-related consumption in partner establishments (dishes, menus, purchase of truffles).

The markets of Provence

If there's one place to stroll in the PACA region, it's the markets! Come and discover local specialities such as olive oil, wine, honey, goat's cheese and, of course, truffles.

The Provencal market in Aups is held every Wednesday and Saturday morning in the main square.

The black truffle market is held every Thursday morning from the last Thursday in November to the end of March.

The white truffle market takes place every Wednesday morning from mid-June to the end of August.

In the height of summer, a night market is held on Thursday evenings under the plane trees in the Place de la Mairie.


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Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups Le village d'Aups

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